Monday, March 1, 2010

Where Did This Year Go Already?

Was it not just yesterday that it was the first of January? Another year of marriage came and went and I hardly noticed as we did not go out or do anything special for the event. What happened in that month that it passed so fast I feel it was just yesterday the new year of 2010 started?

Hubby and I worked almost 24/7 with three paper routes starting at two in the morning, then hubby went to his day job and I went to the computer to edit and rewrite. Hubby's birthday came and went in that first month. How old is he now?

February came, taxes in the first week, the Olympics started on the 12, and I remember watching them at times, when I took a break from the editing, then this past Saturday all heck broke loose with the earthquake in Chile, and I didn't watch the closing Olympic ceremonies as I stayed glued to my computer, except when we went to deliver papers Sunday morning, waiting for word, one way or the other about Brag, who lives in Chile. He made contact this morning and is alright.

This morning that was only a few hours ago right? Holy time clock, it's nearing 7 at night here. No wonder my body hurts so much. I need to get some sleep before, wait a minute no I can't, I need to do some editing and oh no . . . As I look at the calendar I realize it is the first of March already. I planned on having my new book to my editor by today. January and February are gone and it seems I have not noticed.

Think maybe I need to take a time management course. Nope can't do that, no time.

Where has this year gone, already?

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